Pleasure Bay, Boston, MA


I took this photo over the small bridge on the Head Island Causeway while walking around Pleasure Bay. During low tide, water was flowing out of the bowl and rushing back out to sea. One really interesting thing I saw was tiny translucent jellyfish getting pulled out with the current! So tiny, that my camera couldn’t see them, unfortunately. But I was thrilled to see something that felt so unexpected, and was quick to point it out to other people, who also shared my surprise. (And yes, obviously jellyfish belong in the water, so it’s not THAT big of a surprise, but still!)

That’s the fascinating thing about water; it’s full of amazing things just under the surface, and every second is different. That’s why I find it so therapeutic to watch. It provides constant mental stimulation, and it’s beautiful in its movement. I believe that its gracefulness even while turbulent inspires us and calms our inner turmoil that comes from living in such a fast paced world. Spots like these are a great way to clear your mind.


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